The 9 Best GitHub Apps to Manage Your Projects

Among developers, GitHub is a well-liked open-source version management system. It was initially intended for developer collaboration initiatives. Git is mostly used to maintain repositories of code and material.

The system also offers a setting where the code can be modified, with the modifications being saved for later use. The repositories are kept on a distant server but are locally saved on the computers of each team member. Command line tools can be used to access and control Git.

However, you might want to start with something more manageable if you’re new to Git. GUI clients, or graphical user interfaces, are applications that offer different visualizations for Git.

All of the flaws in open-source projects are fixed as quickly as possible. Why shouldn’t it help your project to know when and where these apps get rid of them? All of the people below can protect your project and keep an eye on it for publicly known security holes. It’s also free.

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Things Should Know About GitHub and Apps

  • GitHub enables software developers and engineers to create free cloud-based remote public-facing repositories. A repository, or “repo” for short, is the files and revision history for each file of a coding project.
  • Once you’ve created a repository on GitHub, you can copy it to your device, add and modify files locally, and then “push” your modifications back to the repository, where they are visible to the public.

Top 9 GitHub Apps You Should Try to Use

These 9 GitHub Apps can be your best option to level up your projects on GitHub!

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1. ImgBot

Trying to optimize images on your own takes a lot of time. Instead, let ImgBot do all the hard work for you. You can just relax and look over the PRs.

2. Circle-ci

CircleCI can make it easier for your team to focus on making a great product. You can speed up the time it takes to test and release software and make your team more productive without running your own infrastructure.

3. Quality Test

TestQuality’s GitHub Test Management adds to Github to help developers and testers create, run, coordinate, and keep an eye on software testing tasks. The best quality is free for public repos on GitHub, and it’s not too expensive for private repos.

4. CodeTree

Codetree is a simple project management app that works great for projects with multiple repositories. You don’t have to install anything, and it works in any browser.

5. WakaTime

You can keep track of how much time you spend coding and even set goals for each day.

6. Buddy

Build and ship web projects automatically with a single git push, a click, or on a regular basis. You can easily define your own delivery process, from builds and tests to deployments, custom scripts, and website monitoring, just like you would build a house out of bricks.


Gitpod is GitHub’s online IDE. It starts a full development environment for any GitHub project by adding to the end of the GitHub URL.

8. Moesif API Insights

The most sophisticated AI-powered API analytics and debugging tool is Moesif, which was created especially for production APIs like RESTful, GraphQL, Ethereum Web3, and SOAP APIs.

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9. Depfu

Depfu is the best way for busy teams to keep their apps’ dependencies up-to-date. We think it’s much easier to make small, easy-to-evaluate updates often and automatically than to fall behind and have to update everything at once.


  • It is sometimes simple to attribute all technological advancements to a single individual. Obviously, the reality is that software is the product of collaborative thought.
  • It advances as a result of millions of professional and amateur developers creating new things in novel ways.
  • This is the appeal of GitHub. It reduces the entry barrier for collaboration, allowing anyone to contribute ideas to projects of their choosing or initiate their own projects.

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