How to Get Snake Game Mods GitHub? Try These Tips!

Google Snake is a simple arcade-style game that you can play in your browser without having to download or install anything. But did you know that installing mods from GitHub can make Google Snake even better?

Different people have made mods that change the way Snake looks, how it’s played, and other things so that players have even more choices and so that people who have been playing it for a while don’t get bored of it.

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Things You Should Know About Google Snake

  • Google Snake is a browser game in which players move a virtual snake around the screen. The goal is to “feed” the snake the apples that show up on the screen without letting the snake gets tangled up in itself. Because the snake gets longer as the game goes on, it gets harder to get it to each apple without getting tangled up.
  • You can play Snake at this URL or by searching for “snake game” on Google. The game is free, it works in all modern browsers, and you don’t have to download anything or install any packages to play it.
  • Google didn’t come up with the idea for Snake. Since the 1970s, games like Snake have been around. But by making Snake an easy-to-play game that almost anyone can play on almost any device, Google gave this type of video game a boost in popularity.

How Snake Mods Works

Snake mods are pieces of software that change how Google Snake looks or how it is played. In other words, mods add options and features to the core Snake game that aren’t there before.

Snake mods can be thought of as additions or extensions to the game. When you use a Snake mod, you are still playing Google Snake, but the experience will be different than when you play the “vanilla” version of the game, which has not been changed.

Google didn’t make the mods, and Google doesn’t officially back or support them. They are made by programmers who work for other companies.

We’ll show you where to look on GitHub for the newest Snake mods and how to install them below. But first, let’s talk about why you might want to use a mod for Snake.

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Features on GitHub Snake mods

When players install the GitHub Snake mod, they get a few extra features that aren’t in the base game. These are the features:

  • New ways to play Snake

Many mods change important parts of the game so that you can try something new. For example, the “endgame sooner” mod takes away the game’s “walls” to give players more freedom.

  • New options for how the game looks

Snake mods let you change the game’s look in ways that some players will find more appealing. For example, a custom colors mod lets players change the game’s colors to make it easier on their eyes.

In a similar way, Snake players who don’t like how the default version of the game looks like an arcade game can use mods from GitHub to update to a version with better graphics.

  • More data tracking

Mods like “Google Snake Input Counter” help track information that the basic version of Google Snake doesn’t, like how many times a game has been played.

Shortly, you don’t have to use mods to play Google Snake, but they can make the game more fun, especially if you’ve been playing the default version for a long time and are getting bored of it.

How to Find the Newest Mods for GitHub Snake

The code for Snake mods could be stored anywhere, in theory. But most mod makers have chosen GitHub to host their mods.

But because there are so many Snake mods and so many different developers, there is no central or “official” place on GitHub to download mods. Instead, you’ll find mods in many different places.

Dark Snake Gang hosts one of the most popular collections of mods right now. They take care of about two dozen repositories related to Snake. Each repository has a different mod, so you’ll have to install each mod you want from a different repository.

The GitHub mod repositories snake from skagenmacka and Snake-mods from Vepcz0069 are also well-liked.

Problems and Issues on GitHub Snake Mods

Even though it’s safe and easy to use Snake mods from GitHub most of the time, there are a few things you should know. One is that, as mentioned above, Google or any other major software company or organization does not officially support or endorse the Snake mods. Instead, the mods are made by developers who aren’t very well known, and most of them hide behind fake GitHub accounts. 

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So, there is no guarantee that the mods will work the way they were meant to. There could be bugs or problems with how your browser works with the mod that make it not work right. And if something goes wrong, there is no one to talk to or help from the government.

There is also a small chance that the mods could cause your browser to have security holes. Still, since most mods’ code is open source and can be found on GitHub, it’s likely that developers who can look at the code would find any security flaws. But since no one is testing or scanning the mod code in a formal way, there’s no way to know if it’s safe.

You can see that many mods don’t have good documentation if you look at their GitHub repositories. In many cases, the mod’s creators haven’t even written descriptions of what the mod does, let alone given technical documentation of how the mod works. Most of the time, all you’ll find on GitHub is a short README file with very simple instructions on how to install the mod.

In the end, this means that you should be careful when you install Google Snake mods from GitHub. Most of the time, they’re fine to use, but you shouldn’t expect the same level of security or stability as when you run software from a well-known company.

How to get mods for Snake from GitHub

Now that you’ve talked about Snake mods in some detail, let’s look at how to get them from GitHub and how to install them.

  • Depending on the mod you use, the way you install it can be a little different. Most of the time, though, you have to download an HTML file from GitHub, add it as a bookmark to your browser, and then reload the Snake game.
  • For example, to install the Google Snake Custom Menu mod, go to the mod’s GitHub repository and click the “bookmark” link.
  • Then, open the bookmarks menu in your browser. You can find it in the file or preferences menu, or you can press Ctrl+Shift+O, which is the Firefox and Chrome shortcut for opening bookmarks.
  • Click the button in the bookmark manager to bring in a bookmark from HTML. This is under the “Import and Backup” tab in Firefox.
  • When asked, go to the place where you saved the bookmark link you downloaded from GitHub:
  • When you’ve chosen the right file, click the Open button.
  • The last step is to reload the Snake game in your browser or load it if it wasn’t already. As long as the bookmark was put in correctly, the mod should show up in the game. In this case, the result is a “gear” icon in the lower right corner, which is a menu that this mod adds to the game.
  • Some instructions for installing Snake mods might say to paste code into a console. Most of the time, this means opening your browser’s JavaScript console. For example, in Firefox, you can go to Tools > Browser Tools > Browser Console to open the console.
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Tips on How to Remove Snake Mod

  • If you used a bookmark to install a mod, you can remove it by removing the bookmark from your browser’s bookmark manager.
  • If you run a mod by pasting code into your JavaScript console, you should be able to get rid of it by closing the browser tab where you pasted the code. If that doesn’t work, try turning the browser off and on again.

The Google Snake game can be made even more entertaining to play with the help of GitHub mods. Even though the mods may be of different quality and the installation process is a bit complicated, Snake fans who want more options from the game should check out the mods.

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