How to Download GitHub Desktop, Easy Guide!

GitHub is an open-source platform to share projects related to software development. You can find various sources in developing your own. Even it has a feature called repository which allows you to store your project and share it with other users.

It is one of the most used platforms to work on software projects and related works. You can get access by creating your account and creating your repository. GitHub Desktop is also available so that you can access your project easily.

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Things You Should Know About GitHub Desktop

  • Multiple developers can upload, edit, and manage source code. With Branching and Merging, developers can work in parallel to avoid code conflicts and avoid losing or impacting each other’s work.
  • Version Tracking tracks and manages source code changes. You can keep track of what you or your team has done and roll back to any version if needed.
  • Branching/merging — Say you need to add a website function. You construct a branch to protect the core code. Before finishing this new feature, you’re asked to solve an issue on a live website. You create a new branch from the main branch, finish your work, and merge this fixed branch into the main branch. You may then continue working on your new feature branch without worrying about the changes in the repair branch.

How to Download GitHub Desktop

Here’s how to download GitHub for Desktop on Windows 10.

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Please go to
  3. Select Windows Download (64bit).
  4. Then select Run when prompted.
  5. Allow the download and installation of the installation.
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How to Find New Releases for GitHub Desktop

Finding the correct download link on GitHub can be challenging if you’re attempting to download a program, file, or source code. We’ll show you how to find the correct download link on any GitHub project page.

  1. First, look under “Releases”

  • First, use a web browser and navigate to the project’s GitHub page, containing the software (binaries) or source code you want to download. When it opens, look for a “Releases” section in the column on the right of the screen.
  • The first release shown under “Releases” should have the label “Latest” next to it. Click that item.
  • Scroll down to the “Assets” section of the Releases page, where you may find the link to the file you want to download. It will typically be a file that is compatible with your platform. For instance, you might download .DEV, .RPM, or.TAR.GZ file onto a Linux computer. You might click a.ZIP,.MSI, or.EXE file on Windows. You’ll most likely download a .DMG or.ZIP file on a Mac. Click “Source Code” if all you want is the source code.
  • You can typically find the downloaded file in your “Downloads” folder after it has been downloaded to your device.
  1. Read the “README” file

  • Just below the website’s top list of code files, many Github Projects feature a “README” section. Developers can structure this section to look like a standard web page, with screenshots and links describing the project.
  • In the README part of the project’s GitHub page that has just loaded, scroll down and look for a section labeled “Downloads” or even a “Download” link. Toggle it.
  • You’ll either be sent to the appropriate “Releases” page or another archive that contains the files you wish to download, or you’ll download the file you need.
  1. Open the project’s website

  • Look for a link to the project’s website, typically located on the right side of the GitHub page under the “About” section, if no releases or README are listed.
  • Once you do that, you’ll be directed to the project’s official website, where you might find a download link.
  1. Get the Code if all else fails

  • If there are no “Releases” listed on the GitHub page and no project website, then it most likely only exists as source code on GitHub. Go to the “Code” tab on the GitHub project page to download it. Select “Download ZIP” from the menu that appears after clicking the “Code” button.
  • This will automatically make a ZIP file of everything in the repository and download it to your computer.
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GitHub is a tool that allows you to host Git repositories in the cloud. It is a tool that was built on Git. In simple terms, it gives you a way to interact with Git repositories through a graphical interface.

It makes it easier for both individuals and teams to use Git for version control and to work together on projects using features like task management, bug tracking, and feature requests. GitHub Desktop version can be your best program to download and it enables you to work on your project seamlessly.

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