How to Activate Developer Options on Android, Easy Steps to Follow!

On Android, there’s a secret for Developer Options that you can access. Unlocking the bootloader, USB debugging, and tweaking your animation speed that matches your daily habits are completely made for it and more.

Want to see the hidden options on your Android phones? You have to unlock them. Follow these methods below to reveal the secret of Android Developer Options.

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Things You Should Know To Get Developer Options

  • You have a phone with an Android operating system.
  • You really wanted to adjust your phone to fit your daily habits.
  • You need to follow through the steps carefully to be able to reveal developer options.

Activating Developer Options

By finding the build number in your Settings menu and repeatedly pressing it, you may enable developer settings on any Android smartphone or tablet. Nevertheless, the placement of the aforementioned build number may vary depending on the maker of your phone.

Accessing via Settings

  1. Go to Settings > About Phone.
  2. Tap Software Info > Build Number.
  3. Seven times, tap Build Number. You should see the number of steps remaining until you unlock the developer options after the first few touches. You might also need to enter your PIN to verify.
  4. You will receive a notification that says, “You are now a developer,” once developer options have been enabled.
  5. Return to the Settings pane, where you will now see a new entry for Developer options.
  6. If the switch is not already turned on, tap it to do so. From there, you can continue to modify your phone.
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Deactivating Developer Options

If you no longer require access to developer settings, you can easily deactivate them right from your Settings menu.

Deactivating the Settings

  1. Go to Settings, then select Developer Options.
  2. Hit Off. And, you’re done.

You won’t be able to access Developer Options from the Settings menu once you’ve finished this step. If you subsequently change your mind and want to restore these settings to their original state, you can still do so. Simply adhere to the guidelines listed above.

Utilizing Android’s developer options, you can also look into additional, more complex settings. Keep in mind that the developer mode’s original purpose was to manipulate system functionality and debug apps.

Debugging, networking, input, hardware-accelerated rendering, media, monitoring, and apps are frequently available options in developer mode. As you can group the options into different categories in accordance with your distinct interests, you can configure them however you like.


  • It’s about finding the route and tapping to activate developer options in Android. Once you find the correct route, you’ll be able to activate the developer options.
  • To learn more about this topic and review the complete list of developer options, we advise visiting the official Android Developer page.
  • Be aware that based on the device you’re using, these selections may vary. The options you have typically depend on the make and model of the device you are using.

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