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A YouTube to MP3 converter is a must-have if you want to listen to music on the go. It’s also helpful if you want to rip audio from a video, make voiceovers, or make your own ringtones.

There are a lot of ways to turn YouTube videos into MP3 files. But which ones work well and do not have malware? We’ve tried out the most popular options and found the best YouTube to MP3 converters for every situation.

Here are our top choices for when you’re in a hurry, Downloader for 4K Videos (Free). A powerful desktop app for Windows, Mac, and Linux that doesn’t limit the amount of time you can spend downloading or converting. Includes options for playlists and subtitles that are more advanced.

It’s simple to download the audio of any YouTube video in MP3 format using one of these tools if you don’t have a strong connection or want to listen to music offline.

It goes without saying that not all online converters are created equal, and some might attempt to download spyware or adware onto your computer.

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Things You Should Know About YouTube to MP3 Converter

In the past, all that was required to complete the task was to record a YouTube video and add audio. However, YouTube is now taking action against that practice (correctly), and those tools are no longer useful.

Nowadays, if you want to do it correctly, you’ll need a specialized YouTube to MP3 converter. However, not all YouTube converters are made the same. Some of them contain malware and adware that are ready to hijack your phone or computer.

Others provide audio of poor quality. This list of our current top YouTube to MP3 converters was created for that reason.

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5 Best YouTube to MP3 Converters

These are the lists of best YouTube to MP3 Converters that you can use to download MP3 audio from YouTube videos.

1. 4K Video Downloader

The best free tool available for quick, hassle-free YouTube downloads are the 4K Video Downloader. It is ad-free, easy to use, highly customizable, and free of any bundled third-party software.

You can download videos from various websites using 4K Video Downloader, including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and DailyMotion. A video’s audio can be extracted in 150 different formats, including MP3, FLAC, OGG, and M4A.

Simply click the “Paste Link” button in the application after copying the link from your browser. Choose the quality and output format you prefer, then click on “Extract audio” or “Extract MP3.” The rest is handled by the 4K Video Downloader once you click “Extract.”

2. By Click Downloader

You can download videos from any website with the help of the free and simple-to-use By Click Downloader tool. The most sophisticated and feature-rich video downloader available today.

With the help of the free software By Click Downloader, you can quickly and easily download videos from YouTube and other websites.

Even if it’s blocked in your nation, you can use this software to download any online video and watch it offline! Additionally, it gives you the option to convert the YouTube video to any audio or video format, including MP4, WMV, MP3, WAV, and others.

Both inexperienced and seasoned users can benefit from this program. If you’re unsure of how it all functions, we have a thorough, step-by-step tutorial that will explain everything to you.

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3. VideoProc Converter

Surprisingly, a YouTube to MP3 converter was included in the all-in-one video and audio processing program known as VideoProc Converter. It has been confirmed to be clean, secure, and easy to install. It also runs quickly on Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac.

VideoProc Converter retrieves YouTube videos, music, live streams, playlists, and channels in their original quality and is supported by a powerful download engine. It converts any downloaded YouTube content to MP3, M4A, FLAC, WMA, and a total of 370+ video and audio formats in addition to downloading YouTube videos and music for free in MP3 format.

4. YTD Video Downloader

More than just a YouTube downloader, YTD Video Downloader is versatile. You can download HD and HQ videos and convert them to other video formats from a large number of websites. The software is simple to use.

To download a video, simply enter its URL and press the Download button. The video will then be downloaded by YTD Video Downloader from the URL you specified. You can convert downloaded videos for the iPad, iPod, iPhone, PSP, cell phone, Windows Media, and XVid using the program.

5. Wondershare UniConverter

A comprehensive toolkit, Wondershare UniConverter (previously Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate), lets you download, burn, edit, enhance, convert, organize, capture, and watch video files.

Having the capacity to download videos from YouTube and more than a thousand other websites, as well as convert them into other formats. The user interface is simple and easy to use. Drag and drop operations make adding files from your folder to the program window simple.

You can manage both downloaded and locally stored media files using the integrated file manager. Once you’ve added one or more video files, you can edit them before converting them. Among the many options available are trimming and rotating.

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Your videos can also have their brightness and contrast changed, and you can even add watermarks if you like.

Tips for Using YouTube to MP3 Converter

  • It will be difficult to find anything that can do it better than 4K Video Downloader if you’re looking for a quick and simple way to download YouTube videos and audio into MP3 format.
  • This software can handle even the most complicated YouTube playlists, and it is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Although it’s free, there is a paid version available if you want to get the most out of it, which will allow you to download entire channels or playlists at once.
  • Check out the 4K Video Converter if you want more options for how your MP3s are saved or if you want to be able to convert them into other formats.
  • Additionally, this is a great option if you’re only interested in converting audio files. With the help of a 4K Video Converter, you can back up your music collection to the cloud so that you won’t have to worry about running out of space on your device. It also supports all of the major video hosting services, including Vimeo and YouTube.
  • Whichever route you choose, one thing is certain: it will be much simpler for you to enjoy your favorite songs wherever life takes you if you can access them on demand!

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