How to Fork and Clone in GitHub

GitHub is an excellent program for managing your Git repositories. It can also be used to cooperate with other contributors and contribute to the open source ecosystem. This article will guide you on How to Fork and Clone in GitHub in the easiest way. 

On GitHub, contributors frequently pay close attention to public repositories, which benefits the project. How then can you quickly edit a public repository? Contributors can locally copy the source code repository and make any changes they want using the repository forking tool.

However, if you intend to use this tool as a novice, you must comprehend the repository forking method in order to collaborate with other open repositories without difficulty.

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Things You Should Know About Forking in GitHub

  • GitHub is a great platform providing various sources with solutions to improve the framework or library’s functionality on your own.
  • You can fork a specific framework or library source code to create a local copy because it is accessible as a public repository on GitHub.
  • You can make the necessary modifications once you have a local copy of the code, then submit them for review by the community.

How to Fork and Clone in GitHub

How to Fork in GitHub

The process of forking a repository only requires one button click.

  1. Browse to a public repository that you want to fork in order to follow along. You can locate the fork button in the top right corner of the page. After pressing the button, wait a short while. You’ll observe that your GitHub account is used to create the fresh forked repository.
  2. Go to this open repository
  3. Your GitHub user ID should appear in the name of the folder you create.
  4. Inside the folder, add a file with any text you like.
  5. Make an upstream Pull Request.
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How to Download (Clone) in GitHub

Open source codebases are available for users to download for free from public repositories. Even without a GitHub account, anybody can use it.

To download an open-source database, follow to following steps:

  1. Go to the GitHub website.
  2. In the top left corner of the website, click “Explore.”
  3. Choose “Topics” from the “Explore GitHub” menu.
  4. Select a subject from the featured selection of subjects. All public repositories that match the chosen topic will be listed by GitHub. Additionally, you have the option to sort by most stars, filter the repositories by programming language, and more.
  5. Select the desired repository.
  6. Select the “Code” tab from the menu.
  7. Press the “Code” button located to the right. There should be a dropdown.
  8. Click “Download ZIP” under the “HTTPS” option in the “Clone” menu.
  9. The selected repository will be downloaded in ZIP format. Use the “” file to find setup and usage instructions after the repository has been installed on your device.


  • The developer community utilizes Git extensively as a version control tool.
  • An effective tool for managing Git repositories is GitHub. A public repository accepts contributions from anyone.
  • Forking is a great tool for adding to someone else’s repository by copying their source code to your repository.
  • The forking workflow is easy to understand and use.

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