How to Play MOV Files on Windows 10? Follow These Simple Methods!

How to play MOV files on Windows 10? Before going to the tutorials, you need to know what is MOV Files. MOV Files are multimedia container that stores a variety of different types of video. A MOV file is the default video format for iOS devices and Mac computers. In most cases, file extension is used when a movie is created on a device running Apple’s macOS or iOS.

Despite the fact that MOV is not a natively supported format, it can still be used with Windows. It’s important to use the correct player for the job. Since it is a MPEG 4 container, a MOV file can be used to store both audio and video. 

This article will guide you on how to play MOV files on Windows 10 in simple ways!

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Things You Should Know About MOV Files on Windows 10

  • The MOV video format was created by Apple. It is typically used with Apple’s QuickTime software and is a MPEG 4 video container file. A MOV video can contain a variety of video and multimedia files on various tracks in the same file.
  • MOV files typically take up a lot of space since they store high-quality audio, video, and effects. Additionally, these kinds of files can be challenging to open in any other tool because the format was created by Apple, particularly for QuickTime.
  • You’ll probably need to convert your video first if you want to access a MOV file in an application like Adobe Premiere Pro or another video editing program. After converting the file, you can edit it with all the familiar video editing programs.
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How to play MOV files on Windows 10

There are several options to play MOV files on Windows 10. The video cannot be played by merely opening the file. The top MOV players may be found on the internet and downloaded for free.

1. QuickTime Player
findhowto - how to play mov files quicktime

Media Foundation Format (MOV) files can be played by QuickTime Player by default. The QuickTime video player is not exclusive to macOS; Windows 10 users can have it too.

  1. Download and install QuickTime Player for Windows 10
  2. If you want to play your MOV file, right-click on it and choose “Open with”
  3. Select QuickTime Player.
  4. The video will play in QuickTime Player.

2. 5KPlayer
findhowto - how to play mov files 5k player

To play MOV files on Windows 10 with support for up to 4K resolution, you can also utilize 5KPlayer, a more powerful MOV file player. Built from the ground up to be the top 4K video player, it can play a wide variety of compressed video files without requiring conversion or the installation of additional codec packs, such as those required for MOV playback.

The MOV files created by your iPhone, GoPro, DJI, and so on will play flawlessly in 5KPlayer without the usual interruptions or problems.

  1. Download 5KPlayer, set it up, and run it on your Windows 10 computer.
  2. To easily play a MOV file, simply drag & drop it into 5KPlayer.
  3. Optionally, you can add a MOV file to 5KPlayer by clicking the Video button on the main interface.
  4. Finally, you can play your MOV file using 5KPlayer by right-clicking on it.
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3. VLC Media Player
findhowto - how to play mov files vlc player

You can play any type of media file, including MOV files, using the VLC media player. It’s compatible with Windows 10 and plays a wide variety of video formats.

  1. Download VLC Media Player and install it if you don’t have it on your computer.
  2. To access media in VLC, select Media from the menu at the top of the player.
  3. To access your MOV file, click “Open File.”

4. Windows Media Player
findhowto - how to play mov files windows media player

You can also use the Windows Media Player that comes preinstalled on most Windows computers. It’s great that Windows’ default player can now play MOV files too. However, be sure that you are using Windows Media Player version 12.0 or later. To view and listen to MOV files, you need these later versions.

  1. Open your Windows Media Player to see what version you are using.
  2. You can either right-click the header bar or use the Alt key.
  3. To learn more about the Windows Media Player, go to the Help menu and select About Windows Media Player.
  4. Do a quick check on the latest version right now. If your version is lower than 12.0, you’ll need to update it before playing the video.
  5. Right-click the video file and choose Open to start playing it.
  6. Your video will start playing after you select Windows Media Player.


  • You may occasionally come across MOV files that cannot be played. You are unable to play the MOV file on any device. This indicates that it became tainted.
  • Corrupt MOV files can be fixed or repaired. It’s possible that your media player is the problem. You should update and restart your media player as soon as possible.
    Import the MOV file once more after your media player has updated and restarted. Verify that it plays. If it doesn’t, the file itself may be the problem.
  • Redownloading a damaged MOV file is another easy repair. It’s possible that the download was stopped or just partially completed. Re-download the MOV file, then attempt to play it with the media player by re-importing it.
  • Apple discovered earlier this year that its computers aren’t as secure as it formerly believed. Malware is another reason a MOV file becomes corrupted. Try starting the computer’s virus scanner. Remove any malware or viruses that are on the device and either active or dormant.
  • Get a MOV repair tool if none of the simple troubleshooting techniques work. To fix the MOV file on your PC, you can alternatively use VLC. Finally, you can convert the damaged MOV file to save it.

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