How to Forget Networks on Windows 10, Try These 2 Simple Steps!

Wi-Fi is a convenient method for connecting your laptop to the internet. If you’ve been using wireless Internet for some time, though, the list of available networks in your Wi-Fi preferences may be quite long.

If you look closely enough, you can see that many of those networks are no longer in use. In addition, there are unusual circumstances in which the network itself could stop functioning normally. It’s preferable to put them out of your mind in this case. This article will guide you on how to forget a network connection on your Windows 10.

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Things You Should Know About Networks on Windows 10

  • Depending on where you are in range, you can choose whether or not the network connects to you automatically. Simply turn the switch on or off as necessary.
  • A public network can be changed to a private network. Make the network private if you want to share files, use printers, and carry out other tasks. Make the network public if you want to keep yourself safe from malicious agents. Public networks are exactly what they sound like; you may find them in locations like coffee shops, schools, the dentist’s office, etc.
  • You can configure your computer to broadcast a random hardware address. If you want to make it more difficult for people to determine where you are when you join to the network, do this.
  • The network can be configured as a metered connection. Usually, you have to worry about a data cap with this one. As soon as this setting is enabled, different apps will behave differently in order to reserve data utilization.
  • Your IP address can be set to be automatic by DHCP or manual. Normally, you should keep this setting at Automatic (DHCP). A printer or other device that needs to maintain the same IP address over time in order for other devices to connect is an example of when you might wish to set a manual address.
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Forget Networks from Settings

If you want to remove a network from your computer, you can do it in very simple steps. On Windows 10, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Press the Windows button, or Click on Start Menu.
  2. Click on Settings. how to forget network on windows 10
  3. On the Settings menu, go to Network & Internet, then Wi-Fi.
    how to forget network on windows 10
  4. Select Manage Known Networks.
    findhowto-how to forget network on windows 10 wifi
  5. Select the networks you want to forget.
    findhowto-how to forget network on windows 10 wifi network
  6. Then click Forget.
  7. Done!

Forget Networks from Quick Settings

The second way you can do to forget networks on Windows 10 is from Quick Settings. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Networks icon in the right bottom corner of your computer.
    findhowto-how to forget network on windows 10 quick settings
  2. You will see a list of Networks available.
    findhowto-how to forget network on windows 10 quick settings 2
  3. Select one network you want to forget.
    findhowto-how to forget network on windows 10 quick settings 3
  4. Right-click and click Forget.
  5. Done!


When you haven’t performed regular maintenance on your Wi-Fi network, unexpected issues can pop up. If you manually delete the network connection from Windows, you can try to fix the problem and log in again. We hope that one of these solutions allowed you to successfully delete the Wi-Fi network from your computer.

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