Easy Guide on How to Add Fantom to Metamask

This article will guide you through how to add fantom on Metamask. Fantom network is a platform that is decentralized, scalable, and highly secured. Fantom is a blockchain and smart contract platform with cheap transaction fees, making it a popular alternative to ETH, which has hefty transaction fees.

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Things You Should Know About Fantom on MetaMask

You should be aware of the following before adding Fantom to your MetaMask wallet, FTM can only exist in three formats:

  • FTM (native, on Fantom Opera)
  • On Ethereum, ERC-20
  • On the Binance Chain, BEP-2.

Contrary to this list, you might be able to connect FTM to other networks that use a different implementation of the ERC-20 standard. For instance, Binance Smart Chain offers a BEP-20 version of FTM.

You may also have a choice of networks when purchasing FTM on a controlled exchange. For instance, Binance allows FTM withdrawals to Fantom Opera/mainnet, Ethereum (ERC-20), and BSC (as a BEP-20 token). For more information, go here.

Fantom Ecosystem

Similar to Ether (ETH) on the Ethereum Blockchain and Binance Coin (BNB) on the Binance Smart Chain, Fantom (FTM) is the gas on the Fantom Ecosystem.

With a price of $0,36 USD and a market capitalization of approximately one billion USD as of August 10, 2022, there is still a considerable growth potential of ten to fifty times in the coming years. Fantom has a native custom Token implementation as well as ERC-20 (Ethereum) and BEP-2 Token implementations.

Popular Ethereum Applications can be executed on the Fantom Smart-Contract Platform since the Fantom Ecosystem is completely compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). First, Sushiswap and Curve are well-known examples.

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On the Fantom Chain, there aren’t many native projects yet. This should change within the next month according to the recently announced 370 Mill USD Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Incentive Program. New projects have a fantastic opportunity to raise money through this scheme and profit greatly from native Fantom initiatives.

Adding Fantom Opera Network to MetaMask

To enjoy fantom on Metamask, you must install Fantom Opera Network, the Fantom Mainnet. Follow the steps below to add Fantom Network Opera to your Metamask.

  1. Open MetaMask application.
  2. On the Home Page screen menu, you can see the Ethereum Mainnet, which is the default network of Metamask.
  3. Click the drop-down button next to the Ethereum Mainnet.


4. Click Add Network.


5. On the Add Network window, populate the fields with the information below:

Network Name Fantom Opera
New RPC URL https://rpc.ftm.tools/
Chain ID 250
Symbol FTM
Block Explorer URL https://ftmscan.com/


6. Click Save to save the configuration.


7. A success notification will appear saying, “Fantom Opera was successfully added.



Congratulation! The instructions above are pretty easy to follow, right? The Fantom token will be listed on your Assets tab if your network is Fantom Opera. You can now start to transact using Fantom through the Fantom Mainnet Network.

How to send FTM to MetaMask

The FTM Token, which serves as the Fantom Network’s gas, as previously mentioned, must be added in order to conduct transactions. We offer a variety of possibilities here.

Free FTM claim from Spookyswap

  • Visit the Spookyswap Discord server. Enter !faucet in the #faucet channel.
  • Transferring the 0.2 FTM to your Metamask Wallet is now necessary. Use the command listed below
!withdraw XaddyourMetamaskaddresshere
  • You ought to see the funds in your Metamask Wallet and receive a success message a short while later.
  • Due to the extremely low network costs in the Fantom Network, you can do a ton of transactions and use a few decentralized applications with these 0.2 FTM Tokens.
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How to Transfer Money from Binance to Metamask Fantom

You can transfer your digital money from Binance to MetaMask Fantom. Follow the steps below!

  1. Get FTM Tokens if you haven’t already. You can move as well.
  2. Select the FTM Token and the Ethereum Network for the withdrawal function. A network cost of about $20 will be charged.
  3. Go Multichain for the Cross-Chain Swap.
  4. The Coins must be transferred from the Ethereum Blockchain or the Binance Smart Chain to the Fantom Network at this point.
  5. Connect the page to your Metamask Ethereum Wallet, select FTM, enter the desired amount, click transfer, and then confirm the transaction cost.
  6. On the Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain Network, gas fees will be charged.
  7. You should then see the Fantom Token in your Metamask Fantom Wallet a little while later.
  8. Go to one of the Exchanges that works with the Fantom Network, you can choose between Speculative Finance, Finance by Spiritswap or Sushiswap.
  9. You can trade for cheap Network fees after connecting the Wallet and selecting the appropriate Network.
  10. Simply select the coin pair you wish to exchange, click on Swap, then click on Transfer and confirm the transaction.
  11. You’re done!


  • The Fantom Network, one of the “Ethereum Killers,” aims to address the scalability problems caused by the current Ethereum’s high transaction fees and slow throughputs.
  • The blockchain platform is EVM-compatible and has a big impact on decentralized finance. Fantom also enjoys great support from well-known initiatives like Curve and SushiSwap thanks to its affordable network fees and one-second transaction finality.
  • It is difficult to believe that two years ago, Fantom was valued at $0.001953. Along with DeFi tools, which maximize yield for consumers, its popularity grew.
  • Its user-friendly network includes every element in the market, from Tomb Finance to Spookyswap as a DEX (a “store” where you can buy tokens from the Fantom ecosystem) (Staking and LP).

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