How Old is Crypto Apex? 5 Interesting Facts You Should Know!

What is Crypto Apex and how old is it? This is the most frequent question asked on the internet. You might wonder and be curious about it. It is one of the most popular characters in the game. If you wonder about what is it, you can read through the explanation below.

This article will explain the Crypto Apex and its type, too.

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What is Crypto Apex?

Crypto Apex

In Apex Legends, Crypto is one of a select group of recon-focused characters. And with his adaptable and potent surveillance drone, there is simply no one better when it comes to situational awareness. With Crypto, you have to become adept at controlling both the drone and the man.

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So, let’s take a deep dive into the world of cryptocurrency and find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions: What Is the Age of Crypto Apex?

Things You Should Know About Crypto Apex

  • Crypto is the only Apex Legends character to use a drone to scan his surroundings. This aerial scanning expert is a great pick for players who like being their teammates’ eyes.

1. Who is Crypto Apex?

Crypto is from Gaea, one of two planets in Syndicate Space (the other being Psamathe) with its own police force. Because it is legal to kill on other planets in the Syndicate Space, he could be framed for murder. The camera drones used to broadcast the Apex Games match were designed by Crypto and Mila.

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2. What are the Apex Legends’ ages?

Some legends are as old as the 313-year-old Revenant, while others are as young as Rampart, 21, and Apex Games prodigy Wattson, 22. Others, such as Bloodhound, are unknown in terms of age.

3. What is the true age of cryptocurrency’s home planet?

Crypto’s age is officially listed as 31, but a motion comic released in Season 9 appears to have retconned it to be around 22-23. Tom Casiello declined to comment. Until season 5, his real name, age, home planet, and so on were labeled as [Error].

4. How old is Apex Legends’ rampart?

Ramya “Rampart” Parekh is the Apex Games’ youngest competitor, at the age of 21. Rampart and her devoted minigun, Sheila, can hardly afford an alcoholic beverage in America. Wattson is 22 years old. Natalie “Wattson” Paquette was raised in the Apex Games since she was a child.

5. Abilities on Crypto Apex You Can Use

A Legend of the sky, Crypto uses Neurolink to identify opponents for his team utilizing his surveillance drone. If he discovers that the adversaries have already dug in, he can use his Drone EMP to disable their defenses and halt them before emerging from cover with his unit and making his move.

These are the 4 abilities you can use on the Apex Legend with Crypto as your hero.

Surveillance Drone

Surveillance Drone

This ability allows you to set up a drone with a camera that can fly in the air and interact with all Banner cards, survey beacons, and respawn beacons from a distance. The drone used by Crypto has another little-known function that allows it to remotely recover teammates’ banners AND revive them.

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Yes, Crypto players have the ability to remotely recover teammate banners using a drone. A teammate’s banner is frequently impossible to physically recover. It can be camped out by the other team or just out of reach.


  • While in drone view, crypto is totally exposed. While controlling the surveillance drone, find a secure area to stay. It is possible to force Crypto to maintain this posture when using drone view by crouching, which will make it simpler for you to conceal him.
  • Crypto might continue sliding while the drone is in the process of taking off. When traveling into new places through descending slopes, you can slide into cover and/or save time in this manner.



This ability allows crypto and teammates to detect their Surveillance Drone distance up to 30 meters away. Similar to Bloodhound’s scan, detected players will be highlighted for Crypto’s whole team. Although Neurolink is a good addition, Crypto may still manually ping players, traps, and other objects from his drone.


  • When Crypto is not actively directing the drone, the Drone EMP and Neurolink can still be deployed. This enables Crypto to actively participate in the battle and observe the enemy’s activity.
  • Because of its commotion, the surveillance drone will alert any potential threats to its presence. You can manually ping someone from a distance if you don’t want them to know that your squad is nearby.

Drone EMP

Drone EMP

This ability can result in the blast damage of 50 shields, destroy traps, and slow players down. It requires an EMP charge on your Drone. One of the most terrifying sounds in the game is the sound of a drone EMP. The EMP is extremely useful, which is why Crypto is a popular Legend in high-level Apex Legends tournaments.

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  • The tracking radius of Neurolink and Drone EMP are identical. An enemy will be hit by the blast if they are indicated in orange.
  • Even when you are not in drone view, you can trigger EMP from where you last left the drone. In this manner, you can position the drone in a single location, lock it into drone view, prepare for an ambush, turn on the EMP, and then launch.



This ability allows users to scan the Survey Beacon’s next location circle.


  • This ability can be used again to be deployed in the next round.


  • A P2P skins market isn’t mainstream, but gamers are familiar with it. Counter Strike (CS:GO) and Dota 2 have thrived for years on skins trading. Never have cryptocurrencies been used.
  • Apex Legends may be the first multimillion-fan title to allow crypto trading. It’s unlikely that a cryptocurrency will be implemented directly into the game, but when trading on DMarket, players can use DMarket Coins (DMC).

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