How to Screen Record on iPhone 13, iPhone X, iPhone 8, and Older iPhones

Recording screen activity is a good method to record important moments from games, illustrate operations on your iPhone, or troubleshoot applications and websites. This post will walk you through the process of recording a screen on an iPhone 13.

Apple iPhone has featured screen recording on iOS 11 and later. Screen recording is available on all iPhones and iPads running iOS 11 or later. You don’t need to install any third-party programs to record your screen on iOS. However, there is no distinct program for screen recording; instead, it’s in the Control Center option.

Read the following methods of how to record on your iPhone 13 and older.

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Things You Should Know About Screen Recording on iPhone

  • Screen Recording is featured first introduced on iOS 11 and it is built-in in the later iPhones.
  • Not all iPhones and iPads have this feature, it is available on iPhone 5s and later.
  • Screen Record on iPhone can also be set up to record the screen along with its audio. You can simply do it by tapping the microphone on the screen recording icon.

How to Record Screen on iPhone 13

iPhone 13 is the latest iPhone from Apple right now. You can easily do video record on this device. To record a screen on the iPhone 13, follow these steps:

  1. To start, add the Screen Recording button to Control Center. Go to Settings > Control Center and then tap the Plus next to Screen Recording.
  2. Next, open Control Center and slide to the app or action you wish to record.
  3. Tap the screen recording icon (a solid dot with a circle around it) to begin recording immediately.

Tap and hold the screen recording icon to enable the microphone and select where to save the recording.

  1. When you tap and hold the screen recording icon, a new screen displays that allow you to manage the recording settings.

First, if more than one app on your iPhone allows you to keep screen recordings, tap the one you wish to receive the recording from.

The iPhone’s microphone is turned off by default during screen recordings, but you can turn it on to speak during the recording. Toggle the microphone icon to the on position.

  1. Start Recording should be selected. A timer starts counting down from three. When the timer runs out, the recording begins.
  2. To stop the screen recording, visit Control Center and tap the screen recording icon once more. (If you have the Screen Recording controls open, touch Stop Recording.)
  3. Screen recording films are kept in the Videos album of the Photos app by default. Look for your screen recording video in the app you chose in step 5.
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How to Screen Record on iPhone 11, iPhone 8, and earlier

A screen recording feature is included in iOS 11 and later on every iPhone. Check the iPhone’s Control Center to see whether a screen record button already exists, and if it doesn’t, add it. If you follow these steps, starting the recording process will be much less of a hassle.

  1. The Control Center menu can be accessed by swiping down from the upper right corner of your screen (iPhone X and later) or up from the bottom-right corner (iPhone 8 or earlier).
  2. Try pressing the button that looks like a dot with a circle around it to start recording your screen. If you find this, you can move on to the next steps.
  3. If you don’t find it by default, go to Settings > Control Center > Personalize Controls.
  4. Locate the Screen Recording option in the More Controls submenu.
  5. Click the plus sign (green) to the left of the text. The function will immediately navigate to the aforementioned Options That Come Standard section.
  6. At any time, you can return to this screen and tap the red “-” symbol to delete the screen record button on the top left of your Control Center.

Screen Record on iPhone Not Working

If you’re having issues with screen recording on your iPhone 13, attempt the following troubleshooting steps:

  • There is no sound: If your videos lack sound, make sure you follow step 5 above and turn on the microphone.
  • Can’t record video during a game: If you’re attempting to capture a gameplay video and it’s not functioning, it’s possible that a Screen Time setting is interfering. In that scenario, navigate to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Content Restrictions > Screen Recording > Allow in the Game Center area.
  • Screen mirroring: Because the iPhone doesn’t support both screen recording and screen mirroring, you won’t be able to save a movie if you try.
  • Restart your iPhone: This easy step resolves many temporary issues, so if screen recording isn’t working and you’re not sure why, restart your iPhone.
  • Update iOS: In certain circumstances, an iOS update may resolve issues with the screen recording feature, so update your iOS if a new version is available.
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Note: Most iPhone activities can be screen recorded, but not all. Some activities, features, and apps will be banned from screen recording due to security and copyright concerns. A streaming video app, for example, will normally not allow you to screen record because you may otherwise record a copy of the movie or TV show you’re viewing. You cannot also screen record sensitive data, like entering your credit card details into Apple Pay.


Best Screen Recording Apps for iPhone

All iPhones and iPads running iOS versions 11 and 13 have a built-in screen recorder. Not all iPhones and iPads can use screen recording. Older iPhones and iPads can’t be updated to iOS 13 because it only supports 64-bit devices. You can’t update older iPhones like the iPhone 5 or iPads from the 3rd and 4th generations.

If you’re using an older iPhone, you can try to use these 5 best screen recordings for your iPhone!

1. Vmaker

Vmaker’s iOS screen recorder is a simple app that records games, meetings, online classes, tutorials, screencasts, Tik Tok videos, etc. Multiple recording modes are available. The recording mode is user-selectable. It also enables users to record system audio and microphone sounds.

2. TechSmith Capture

The TechSmith Corporation released TechSmith Capture in 2007 as a screen recorder for iOS. Techsmith is a reputable software developer, well known for their Camtasia and Snagit video editing and recording programs. Techsmith Capture is able to work with the most recent versions of iOS just as well as it does with Windows and Mac.

3. GoRecord

You can record gameplays, tutorials, and screencasts using GoRecord on your iOS device. In addition to recording the screen, it can also capture video from the user’s webcam. It also has a video editor that you can use right away. In order to personalize videos, you can insert still images, transitions, and audio tracks into the video editor. In addition, it offers its users a collection of personalized suggestions.

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4. Screen Recorder+

Screen Recorder+, developed by Softin Technology Co., Ltd., is a popular app that records an iOS device’s display. Users are able to capture gameplays, tutorials, demos, how-to films, and more. Using FaceCam, users can add video replies to their recordings. It also has a powerful video editor that is loaded with options for customization. Recordings can be edited in a variety of ways using the in-app editor, including trimming, cropping, adding music or sound effects, text overlay, filters, stickers, and more.

5. DU Recorder

DU recorder is available for both Android and iOS devices. It lets its users record in 1080p resolution and has a built-in video editor. Videos can be trimmed, cropped, and even have music added using the in-app editor. It’s also easy to share on sites like Facebook without any additional work.

These 5 alternative screen recording apps should be enabled on your older iPhones to screen record. You need to know that older iPhones like iPhone 5 support the latest versions of the apps above. So, make sure to check your iPhone’s compatibility with the apps.


  • If you’re running older iOS than iOS 15, screen recording may drain your battery. It causes the iPhone’s temperature to increase.
  • Screen recording is unable to record voice or sound on ongoing calls. If you need to record ongoing call sounds, you need to use third-party apps.
  • Screen recording on the latest iPhone is conveniently stable in terms of battery usage. But, still, the temperature will be increased. Use it when you need it.

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