4 Easy Methods of How to Print Text Messages from Android!

Looking for a simple way to print out your Android messages? Even though it is not as simple as printing from the computer, you can actually print any text from your Android phone. You might have various reasons to print your text messages and it’s not that complicated.

There are 4 methods that you can do to print text messages from Android. These methods will make it easier and you just need to follow the steps in this article. Let’s find out the complete guides on the methods below!

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Things You Should Know About Printing Text Messages from Android

  • These methods are applicable to any Android phone. 
  • If you’re running older versions of Android, you might be able to print your text messages directly from your phone.
  • You need to follow the steps carefully to be able to print your text messages from Android.

Method 1: Android Messages Backup

Android Messages Backup allows you to copy your text message to a PC or laptop. Including the contents, contact names, contact numbers, received/sent date, and time, and more. So you can print them out without loss and create a backup for your important messages. You can import SMS from your computer into your Android phone, create a new message and send it to friends, or delete unwanted text messages from Android on your computer.

You can also manage contacts, call logs, photos, videos, apps, books, and more. Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Huawei, ZTE, Motorola, etc. support Android phones and tablets. This software is easy to use; you can save and print SMS in minutes.

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1. Extracting text messages

  1. Run the Android Messages Backup on your pc or laptop.
  2. Connect your Android phone using a USB. 
  3. After successfully linking your Android phone to the computer, you will get a menu as shown. Please follow the steps to enable USB debugging on your phone, so that this software will be able to detect your phone immediately.
  4. It will install the USB driver on your computer as soon as it detects your Android phone. Following that, it will thoroughly scan your phone’s data. After a while, you should see something like this. You can now freely preview the entire data set on your Android phone.

2. Copy text messages to the Computer

  1. To preview the entire text message conversations on your Android phone, navigate to the “SMS” folder.
  2. Select the messages you want to print, click the “Export” button and select an output format for printing such as TEXT, CSV, or XML.
  3. Within seconds, all messages will be saved on your computer.

3. Print text messages

  1. When you have a backup file of your messages on your computer, you can print them with a single click using a printer.
  2. Open your backup Android text messages in Microsoft Excel in *.csv/*.text/*.xml format. 
  3. Click File > Print, and confirm.
  4. Now, your Android text messages are successfully printed.

Method 2: Print Text Messages via Screenshot

You can also take a screenshot to print an Android message conversation, but it’s more difficult to sort through the pictures. You must capture all text messages on your Android phone and print them using tools. Follow the steps below.

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1. Take screenshots of text messages

  1. Open Messages on your Android. 
  2. It would be best if you screenshotted all the messages to get all of the text. It might take more than one screenshot.

Note: To capture a screen on Android, try the screenshot shortcut, screenshot combination, or Android Screenshot Assistant (recommended).


2. Save and print

  1. The screenshot of messages you have taken can be saved in your Photos folder.
  2. Use Google Cloud Print to synchronize it online. 
  3. To print it, log in to your Google Cloud account from your laptop or PC.
  4. You can directly open the file and print it.

Method 3: Print Text Messages from Android via Email

You can also transfer/export Android text messages to a computer, then you can print them. So Android messages could be printed by emailing them to a PC, downloading the attached files, and printing them. Ensure your Message app has email. Try the steps below.

1. Send your text messages to the email

  1. Tap “Backup SMS” in Android’s SMS app.
  2. Later, select the desired conversations and click “OK.”
  3. Enter your email and password if prompted.
  4. You have saved your text messages on email.

2. Download and Print

  1. After sending your email, you can sign in on your PC and download the attachments.
  2. After downloading the messages, open them in Excel and click File > Print.
  3. You have printed your text messages!


Method 4: Print Text Messages from Android Using Third-Party Apps

You may print out text message conversations from Android using several apps. To transfer messages from an Android device to Gmail, a computer, or other storage services and then print them, use one of the apps listed below from the Google Play Store.

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1. SMS to Text

You may export SMS messages and convert them to Plain Text and CSV file formats with the SMS-to-Text backup and recovery tool. You can export SMS messages from SMS to Text, convert them to Excel and HTML file formats, and send them as attachments to your email in addition to using the free version. After that, you can easily download and print the files.

2. SMS Backup+

Using distinct tags in Gmail and Google Calendar, SMS Backup+, a popular app on the Google Play Store, enables you to back up SMS, MMS, and call history. Then you can download and print the files from Gmail after using it to transfer messages from Android to Gmail. Additionally, since the software is free, you can finish the process for nothing.

3. Text to Email

It is a backup solution for saving text/messages as Text/PDF/CSV and/or as email body for future use. You may easily download or transfer the files to Word for printing after using this program to send your Android texts via email.

These 3 methods of how to print text messages from Android can be your best reference. Now you can easily print any text messages from your phone!


The latest Android smartphones are now allowing users to print text messages directly from their devices. You need to have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth feature on the printer device to perform this.

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