8 Easy Methods How to Fix Android Auto Not Working

Android Auto is one of Google’s best products created for vehicles. It allows users to integrate it with cars along with Android features in it. You can do pretty easy things with communication, like get driving instructions, or speak to send a text message.

You can even make a phone call hands-free. Android Auto is designed to help you concentrate on the road. And remember to have fun along the way. Simply plug in and go. What if it’s not working? You can find out how to fix your Android Auto not working in this article!

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Things You Should Know About Android Auto

  • You may perform all of the things as safely as possible with the help of Android Auto, which is software that is accessible on both your phone and in your vehicle.
  • A unique Android interface created specifically for usage in your car, Android Auto debuted in March 2015.
  • Turn-by-turn navigation, phone call functionality, and audio playback are the three essential features of Android Auto.
  • If your car has a supported infotainment system, you can use it to run Android Auto directly on the car display of your phone.
  • To begin, you’ll need the Android Auto app, which you can acquire from the Google Play Store for nothing.
  • Android Auto is pre-installed and doesn’t need to be downloaded if your phone is running Android 10 or later.
  • There are three ways to use Android Auto directly on your phone, depending on your Android version. If you’re using an Android 6.0 or 9.0 phone or tablet, just open the Android Auto app to use the car-friendly UI.
  • This is Google’s initial app for phones and tablets. It’s straightforward to use, with a home screen that displays driving recommendations, music, podcasts, and call/text notifications. This card-based interface uses bottom or side buttons to access navigation, phone, and media apps, plus a home button.
  • Double-tap a shortcut to see all apps in that section (such as Google Maps, Spotify, and Pocket Casts). In the upper-left corner is a menu icon for Android Auto settings and a microphone for Google Assistant.
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The Reasons for Android Auto Not Working

Android Auto Not Working

Android Auto is a useful tool that allows you to handle some of the capabilities of an infotainment system using your Android smartphone. Has your Android Auto stopped working? There could be a few reasons why it isn’t working.

  • A broken wired or wireless connection.
  • A rogue app.
  • Android Auto may be attempting to connect to the incorrect vehicle.
  • Your vehicle or smartphone may not be compatible.
  • You may have altered some settings that are interfering with the connection.

How to Fix Android Auto Not Working

When your Android Auto software isn’t functioning properly, you won’t be able to connect your car and smartphone. And you may be losing out on essential features and capabilities. These methods of how to fix Android Auto not working should let you solve the problem.

  1. Check if your car is Android Audio compatible 

Android Auto Not Working

The Android vehicle compatibility page can tell you if your car and stereo are compatible. If they aren’t, there’s nothing you can do to get Android Auto to operate in your car.

  1. Restart the Android phone or tablet 

Android Auto Not Working

A restart can clear away any minor faults or conflicts that may be interfering with the phone’s, car’s, and Android Auto apps’ connections. A simple restart could clean that out and restore normal operation.

  1. Check your connections to ensure that everything is working properly

Android Auto Not Working

Check that everything is properly connected and working together, whether you’re using the best quality USB cable or a wireless connection. If you’re using a cable to connect your device to Android Auto, make sure it’s in good condition. Even if it looks to be in good working order, you should try another if something inside is broken that you cannot see.

  1. Check that both your phone and the Android Auto app are up to date 

Android Auto Not Working

Outdated programs or operating systems can prevent anything from working correctly. Maintain the most recent versions of your phone and app. To ensure you have the most recent versions of both, update your Android OS and then update apps on your Android device.

  1. Check your paired car’s device settings 

Android Auto Not Working

If unsure about the settings, go to the three-dot menu in the upper right and tap Forget all cars to remove any associated vehicles before attempting to set up Android Auto in your car again.

  1. Clear the cache on your Android phone first, then the app cache 

Android Auto Not Working

Temporary files might accumulate and cause problems with your Android Auto app. Clearing the app’s cache is the best method to ensure this isn’t a problem. Go to Settings > Apps > Android Auto > Storage > Clear Cache to do so.

  1. Restart your infotainment system

Android Auto Not Working

Restarting the infotainment system will sometimes reconnect your Android device and Android Auto. You can try to turn this on and see what happens.

  1. Remove and reinstall the Android Auto app

Android Auto Not Working

Apps might become unstable over time, especially if you use them frequently. If you’re still having problems with Android Auto, consider deleting and then reinstalling it. A fresh installation may resolve whatever issue is stopping the program from functioning properly.

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Note: If everything else fails, you may need to file a report with Help & Feedback. Tap Help & Support in the app menu to open a support ticket. It may take some time to receive a response, but it may finally get you moving again.

These 8 methods of how to fix Android Auto not working should help you out. Make sure to follow all the steps thoroughly so that you can use all of its features.


  • Contact your phone’s manufacturer to find out if it supports 5 GHz Wi-Fi.
  • To utilize 5 GHz Wi-Fi in the automobile in the EU, your smartphone must meet additional legal standards. These criteria are met by Pixel 3 and newer Google smartphones.
  • Contact your car manufacturer to find out if your individual model is compatible with wireless Android Auto.
  • Android Auto for Phone Screens is a distinct software available on Google Play for Android 10 and 11. It serves as a temporary solution for smartphones running Android 10 and 11 until Google could introduce its Google Assistant Driving Mode integration. It essentially emulates the original Android Auto software for earlier versions.
  • However, Android 12 introduced that. Google gradually phased out the old interface and replaced it with a new one that integrates more naturally into the operating system. When your phone pairs with the Bluetooth in your car, Driving Mode automatically launches, but you must first enable it in the settings because it by default does nothing.
  • Google is also moving to provide a home screen shortcut. It does, however, have a sense of incompleteness, primarily because not all of the apps are accessible to you equally. One of the best examples is Waze, which you can’t actually start in Driving Mode at the moment.
  • The best thing about using Android Auto on your phone is that it gives your automobile, regardless of its make and model, a secure, distraction-free interface. All you need to do to get started is launch the Android Auto software, grab a car mount, and get behind the wheel.

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